#1 Science-Based Intermittent Fasting | Official Website of Dr. Jason Fung MD - Your Complete Guide
#1 Science-Based Intermittent Fasting | Official Website of Dr. Jason Fung MD - Your Complete Guide

We Helping People With Personalized Fasting And Nutritional Strategies For Weight-Loss And Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

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Your Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting For Weight-Loss And Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

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    I am a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods such as the keto diet plan and intermittent fasting, supported by low-carb diet tips that make following the keto diet easy and adaptable to any lifestyle.

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    When we talk about fasting to break insulin resistance and lose weight, we are talking about intermittent fasts of twenty-four to thirty-six hours.

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Customer Reviews

Stacie Rohlwing

I was pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, blood work that was all over the place, inflammation, no energy, etc. I incorporated fasting in the past, but then my alcoholism took control of my life and I was unable to keep myself healthy. Once I started my addiction recovery journey (pic on the left) I was exercising everyday and eating Dietary Supplements but not seeing results. My liver needed time to heal and other parts of my body that I put through hell with my drinking. 6 months later, I’m down 80 pounds, blood pressure and blood work are all great and inflammation is gone! I do OMAD and occasionally a 36 hour last. I now have energy, my mood has improved and I feel amazing!

Customer Reviews

Kathryn Adams Boylan

It works if you work it, so work it you’re worth it!

180 Day into this lifestyle, 80 pounds gone and im never going back!

Glad to not be that unhappy gal on the left anymore, bloated, inflammation everywhere, addicted to sugar, bingeing because she never felt full. Here’s to 6 months of sticking with this new lifestyle, 80 pounds lighter, pledging never to go back! Thank you my Fungian crew, for the constant inspiration! ❤️

Customer Reviews

Stacie Bug

I hit my first mini goal 🤗 Down 50lbs since mid March! Now I just have to do this 2 more times to reach my ultimate goal. Next mini goal is 30lbs to Onederland

My protocol: I keep it almost completely random. I start with the intention of doing OMAD, but if I don't feel like eating, I ride that wave. On the other hand If I have a day where i feel like I need more food, I go for it. Always listen to your body. I'm 5 foot 4 and 40yrs old Dr.Fungs books, Dietary Supplements, google have been my greatest resources

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People have sent us hundreds of intermittent fasting success stories. You’ll find some of the most inspiring ones here.


Customer reviews

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4.5 out of 5
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L Parr

Verified Purchase

Decades in medicine...why didn't anyone teach us about THIS!!!

I am a PA with decades of experience with diabetes and it's ill effects. I have watched through my career, type 2 diabetics listen to medical advice and never get any better. When my daughter, who was a gestational diabetic with her first pregnancy had a fasting blood glucose of 288 mg/dl, it became personal for me. They gave her the usual Metformin script and sent her on her way. Knowing that these meds do nothing to cure the disease and that it would only head her to a life on insulin and further weight gain I asked her not to take the meds, stop all carbs for the moment and let me do some research. That was when I came across Dr. Fung's lectures on the internet. As someone who has been studying holistic medicine for 30 years it made complete sense to me.

My daughter has a hectic schedule and always complained about diets that required 3 or more meals a day...she doesn't like to eat breakfast and has no time to schedule multiple meals. The four hour intermittent fasting plan worked great for her. After an initial adjustment of about 2 days (headaches which were not relieved by increasing her sodium, my guess was sugar withdrawl), she had no hunger, no cravings and felt great. Within a week her blood sugar was normal. She started this right before the holidays and was concerned about missing holiday dinners...my answer was that of Dr. Fung's: have your dinner, enjoy it and get back on track the next day. She did just that and got through the holidays effortless and satisfied that she wasn't deprived of a thing. She remained on her fasting protocol and just had her meal within that time frame. Her blood glucose was higher the next morning but normalized after one day. She chooses now to have one "cheat meal" each week and for 4 weeks the next morning her blood sugar was higher...but got lower each week and after 4 weeks her morning after a cheat meal her blood glucose was normal! Within 10 weeks she has lost 46 pounds and is thrilled with her progress. Her doctor is shocked and initially thought the diet was nuts but now wants to know more about it...

I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Fung for giving me the tools to cure my daughter and better serve my patients.

Matt Entizne

Verified Purchase

Dr. Fung has changed my life.

Wow, I found the magic button for weight loss. After having limited success with the whole field of dieting options I stumbled across a talk on youtube by Dr Jason Fung talking about fasting. After the video I searched and ended up buying the Supplements . Well after a 6 days of doing this, I lost 10 lbs (40 to go) . It is incredible that over such a short fast you can turn off insulin based fat storage, and start burning fat. A side benefit is that increased metal clarity occurs fairly quickly and offers additional incentive to fast. Also my moderately elevate blood pressure is getting back to normal.

I will try to come back after I reach my goal weight and give an update. But I have no doubt that this is the solution that will allow me to control my weight to whatever level I choose.

Jodee Robertson

Verified Purchase

Exactly what I need.

This nutritional supplement is just what I'm waiting I got here the right advices to control my type 2 diabetes. Everything makes sense I was already following DR Jason Fung diet advices before buying nutritional supplements. And I loss 16 pounds withing a month. Also my glucose level dropped. I'm happy and I think with in this nutritional supplement, I can reverse My type 2 diabetes.

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